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I maintain several repeaters around the Big Island and most of the equipment was donated or purchased by me or others in the group. Any help or donations would be greatly appreciated.



DMR Repeater Network Info:

 All MMDVM repeaters are linked to BrandMeister 

Static Talkgroups on the system: (All repeaters use CC 1)

Hawaii TAC 1 TG 311551 TS 1

Hawaii County TG 31153 TS 1

Hawaii 1 TG 3115 TS 2 (Dynamic) & All other talkgroups TS 2

Tech net TG 310745 TS 1

C4FM room: FCS00212

 P25 Talkgroup 10400 Pacific NAC 293

 NXDN Talkgroup 65000 World Wide RAN 1


 Big Island Events:

 Ka'u Coffee Trail Run Information:

I'm looking for volunteers that have DMR and analog equipment. DMR (digital mobile radio) will be the primary mode of communication for this event. If you don't have a DMR number please go to RadioID - Register and get a DMR ID number. If you don't have a DMR radio I can provide you with a radio; but you'll need to register and get an ID number if you don't have one. If you would like to volunteer please send me an email: 
The Ka'u Coffee Trail Run will be on September 21, 2024. All Ham Radio Volunteers will meet at the Coffee Mill at 5:30am for a briefing before the race. The 50k starts at 6:00am, Half marathon starts at 7:00am, 10k at 7:15am, 5K at 7:30am. The event ends at 3:00pm or if all runners have completed their distance. I have a Motorola XPR 8400 UHF DMR repeater on 444.950 CC1 at the Ka'u Coffee Mill.
Location: Ka'u Coffee Mill 96-2696 Wood Valley Road Pahala, Hawaii.
Parking: Will be available in the lot adjacent to the Ka'u Coffee Mill. Look for the signs and parking lot attendants on race morning.
Proceeds from the run will go to support: 'O Ka'u Kakou, the Ka'u nonprofit organization. OKK uses the donations to fund local scholarships, land for a proposed senior housing project, purchase of life-saving equipment for the Ka'u Hospital restoration and maintenance of three historical cemeteries, sponsorship of free Veterans Day, and the 4th of July Parade & Fun Day.
Frequencies: DMR 444.950 (+) CC 1 TG 9  TS 2
                   Talk-in: Hawaii TAC 1 TG 311551 TS1
                   Analog: Simplex 146.520
Radio Communications Mission:
1) To support the participants, race officials and public by providing radio communications to facilitate health, welfare and safety.
2) Training exercise to develop, enhance and practice radio skills. 
3) Inform the public of our capabilities and raise awareness of radio skills needed in disasters.
4) Cell phone reception is poor or non-existent on the course. If you have emergency traffic please call NCS and I will relay the information to the race officials or 911.
5) Stay safe & have fun!



KH7MS DMR Repeater Network

444.950 Ocean view UHF - Motorola XPR8300 (DMR)

444.950 Pahala UHF - Motorola XPR8400 (DMR)

444.950 Na'alehu MMDVM WPSD

443.400 Volcano MMDVM

444.950 Honaunau - South Kona Motorola XPR8300 (DMR)

444.400 Holualoa - Kailua-Kona MMDVM WPSD 

145.410 Ocean view VHF Motorola XPR8400 (DMR)

443.475 Ocean view UHF MMDVM WPSD

South Hawaii Analog Repeaters

145.290 (-) VHF - Ocean view repeater PL 100.0 Local

443.400 (+) UHF - Ocean view repeater (No PL) Local

442.000 (+) UHF - Ocean view UHF ALLSTAR repeater PL 100.0 

442.200 (+) Na'alehu UHF ALLSTAR repeater PL. 110.9

 462.700 (+) GMRS Ocean view repeater (Open) PL 103.5 

My GMRS repeater Callsign: "WRDI534" Linked to the GMRS Nationwide "GMRS Live Network"

 You need a GMRS license to use this repeater

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